What is ExTA?

ExTA is an online mental health startup created for athletes and by athletes. We desire to give athletes more accessible tools and resources to meet their mental health needs. ExTA stands for “Excelling through Adversity” and we chose this acronym because we know that every athlete will face adversity at some point in their

career. Because of this reality, we have created a cohort of mental health professionals who have the tailored expertise to understand the student-athlete experience and develop meaningful connections that help athlete's navigate their mental wellness.

What are the qualifications of ExTA providers?

ExTA providers are all licensed, credentialed, and vetted service providers that understand the athlete experience. All of our providers have a tie to sports, as this is an important aspect of ExTA’s mission. All providers are credentialed as accredited psychologists (PhD/PsyD) and licensed mental health clinicians credentialed as (including but not limited to) licensed clinical social workers (LCSW), and licensed professional counselors(LPC). Our sports performance service providers(including but not limited to) are credentialed CMPC’s and master-degreed mental sports performance trained professionals.

What types of care do ExTA providers provide?

CMPC: Certified Mental Performance Consultant. 

  • CMPC’s are individuals with a master’s or doctoral degree in sport science, psychology or a closely related field* who have met specific course requirements and have completed an extensive, mentored applied experience. They are trained to help with sports performance. 

(PhD/PsyD): Accredited Psychologists(PhD/PsyD)

  • Psychologists are mental health professionals who have obtained doctorate-degrees that are research(PhD) or counseling(PsyD) focused. They are eligible to provide clinical services at an independent level. They are able to assess, diagnose and provide treatment for mental, emotional and behavioral issues. 

LCSW: Licensed Clinical Social Worker 

  • LCSW’s are master-degreed mental health professionals who are eligible to provide clinical services at an independent level. They are able to assess, diagnose and provide treatment for mental, emotional and behavioral issues. 

LPC: Licensed professional counselor

  • LPC’s are master’s-degreed mental health professionals, trained to work with individuals, families, and groups in treating mental, behavioral, and emotional problems and disorders.

Medical Disclaimer

Medical Disclaimer: Call 911 immediately if you believe you are experiencing a medical emergency. Do not rely on communication through this website for urgent medical needs

Don’t make permanent decisions because of temporary feelings. 

Available Hotlines available to contact 24/7:

National Suicide & Crisis Lifeline(Dial or Text): (988)

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Hotline: (1-800-662-43557)

The Trevor Project(LGBTQIA) Hotline: (866-488-7386)

U.S. National Domestic Violence Hotline: (800-799-7233)

Crisis Text Line: Text HOME to (741741) from anywhere in the United States, anytime.

What are custom focus areas?

We have compiled a list of focus areas for athletes to focus on when it comes to mental health and wellbeing and sports performance. These areas will be identified after your completion of the baseline assessment. Upon the conclusion of the assessment, athletes will receive their identified customs focus areas along with educational resources for them to learn about these focus areas and techniques to help combat these areas of focus.

What do I do if there isn't a provider in my state?

As of right now, athletes are only permitted to speak with providers in their respective state. If there isn’t a provider in your state on our platform and you need one, please reach out to our team ( and tell us your state, and we will compile a list of providers for you. As we continue to grow, our provider list will expand and grow larger.

Counseling Compact

The Counseling Compact is an interstate compact, or a contract among states, allowing professional counselors licensed and residing in a compact member state to practice in other compact member states without need for multiple licenses.

The Compact will help counselors by affording them greater ease of mobility, cutting drastically the time needed for authorization to practice in a new state. The Compact will also create new market opportunities for counselors. The Compact will help clients by improving continuity of care when clients or counselors travel or relocate.

This initiative is coming soon!

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