"Mental health is the single most important health and safety issue facing our student-athletes today"

- Dr. Brian Hainline, NCAA Chief Medical Officer


ExTA is an online mental health platform that is for athletes and by athletes. Our mobile technology allows student athletes to connect to personalized mental health and sport performance services. All mental health service providers in our directory are licensed mental health clinicians credentialed as (including but not limited to) Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW), Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC), Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LCMHC), and Accredited Psychologists (PhD/PsyD). Our sports performance service providers are credentialed Certified Mental Performance Consultants (CMPC).




Register on our site to gain access and create your profile within our portal allowing you to access the resources you need.



Complete our assessment and you will receive custom focus areas along with educational resources to help you on your journey.



Access ExTA's provider database where you can connect with licensed mental health and sports performance service providers.


Easily Accessible Support

Athletes have direct access to our vetted provider database where you can select an ExTA provider and contact them to inquire about mental health or sports performance support. You can directly communicate with ExTA providers by having access to their contact information, without the hassle of having to manually find a therapist in your area or get involved with burdensome subscriptions. Our ExTA providers understand the unique experiences of athletes and can profoundly connect to the athletes’ lifestyle, their values, and their systems of meaning.

Personalized Educational Resources

Athletes will take a baseline assessment where we will ask questions to get to know more about you. At the conclusion of the assessment, ExTA will provide you with custom focus areas along with educational resources based on the core elements that your answers generate. These resources will focus on sports performance and mental wellbeing.

Vetted Professionals

ExTA providers are all licensed, credentialed, and vetted service providers that understand the athlete experience. All of our providers have a tie to sports, as this is an important aspect of ExTA’s mission. We understand that finding specialized services for athletes is not an easy search and that is why we have done the work for you. We have a database of vetted mental health and sports performance professionals. Sign up to view now!

ExTA Educates, Breaks the Stigma, and Connects


The first step in reducing the stigma is providing accurate and trusted information on what mental health is, why it’s important, and ultimately how to improve our mental health for our overall well-being. This includes sharing information on symptoms of certain mental health conditions and tips on how to improve mental health. Education will help those who may have a personal connection with mental health as well as the athletes who are unaware of the potential challenges it brings.

We Educate! 

Break the Stigma

In addition to educating people on mental health, providing spaces to talk openly about mental health is vital for the stigma to continue to be broken. By sharing stories of recovery (our personal journey's as well as other athletes), speaking with teams and athletic institutions about mental health, and actually communicating and interacting with athletes will continue to help break the stigma.

We Break the Stigma!


Breaking the Stigma will lead athletes to discuss openly about their experiences and mental health challenges. Whether this is with a loved one, friend, or professional, we encourage athletes to SPEAK UP about their mental health journeys! Connecting athletes with trusted and vetted mental health professionals and resources is an important part of our mission.

We Connect!  



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